Our mission is to provide the unquestionably finest fishing excursion experience available in Mongolia. It is paramount to our planning to protect and conserve Mongolia’s rich natural resources and unique and widely diverse cultural heritage. Some of these varied cultures are threatened by progress and outside influences and are in steep decline. We are absolutely dedicated to innovating a variety of conservation approaches designed to maintain the ecological integrity of our watershed habitat upon which taimen depend. In Mongolia, our partners include an international alliance of NGOs, government agencies, communities and private businesses. All of these entities are interested in the survival of Mongolia’s emblematic species and watershed conservation and protection. Below are some our key conservation activities summarized:

Catch and Release:

Since 2013 Fly Shop Mongolia is actively promoting a catch & release campaign in Mongolia. This was generally a foreign concept to our peoples. As fishing became more and more popular within Mongolians, we had to establish the concept that fish could be caught for sheer pleasure and, if carefully handled and released, could insure the fishing would thrive. Many couldn’t even differentiate between the kinds of fish caught. For that, we printed handbooks clearly showing the specifics of each fish and providing basic information including its status. We hung large posters across the capital city and at airports to promote catch and release, etc.; we also created a short educational video, sponsored by us, introducing the protection of our fish and fisheries and practicing catch & release.

Promoting Fly Fishing in Mongolia:

Mongolia is just being introduced to fly fishing. Much of the progress has been generated by the promotional activities conducted by Fly Shop Mongolia. Consequently, Mongolians are starting to adopt fly fishing and catch and release practices. Historically, we were bait, net, or spin fishermen. Most recreational anglers still practice spin fishing using lures with treble hooks and barbs.  For this reason, Fly Shop Mongolia, as pioneers, have organized and promoted many fly fishing lessons and contests in our capital city and rural areas as well with established fishing clubs. Teaching fly fishing casting, slideshows, and on-water demonstrations, have been great ways to highlight the sport. We have set up the first Fly Shop in the capital city by introducing all of the top fly fishing brands to inspire spin anglers to switch to fly fishing. Every year we try organizing and sponsoring fly fishing contests to promote fly fishing in Mongolia. 

Sponsoring and NGO:

We also donate, where applicable, funds for good conservation purposes, especially in rural areas and remote pristine headwaters. We have recently set up a local fund in Tengis/Shishged National Park to help the national park and local communities protect our pure rivers and fish that are threatened. Our contribution will start with donating $500 USD for that NGO from each angler coming to Tengis/Shishged river watershed to fish with us. We also help local organizations establish needed facilities like hospitals by donating necessary small medical equipment.  

Save the Taimen

In cooperation with the Ministry of Environment and Tourism and Fresh Water Resource of Mongolia we are actively engaged in promoting the “Save the Taimen” initiative. Taimen are extremely endangered by overfishing and pollution of their pristine habitat. We promote Save the Taimen by printing the logo on t-shirts and caps and merchandizing. All revenue will go to promote fly fishing and local NGOs, who are helping to save the taimen.Additionally, we will fully cooperate and interact with the established The Taimen Fund. TTF has already had a positive conservation impact in Mongolia and has only just begun.