At Fly Shop Mongolia, we specialize in custom-designed, small group fishing adventures for families, groups of friends, VIPs, clubs, and associations in Mongolia. If you’re looking for a special expedition in Mongolia combined with other cultural activities, a trip that is more personal and tailored for you and your group, you came to the right place.

We believe that fishing can still be a fully authentic experience, and we’ve made it our mission to create journeys that are unforgettable, once in a lifetime. 

We have committed ourselves to providing a different kind of overall experience tailored to your wishes. Our adventures draw on local knowledge, and take you “behind the scenes” to give you a deeper experience of fishing in Mongolia and seeing its culture first hand. We are extremely proud of the many diverse and unique cultures still surviving in Mongolia. Many of our native population are nomads, living today as they have for millennia. Our homeland is blessed to have an extremely diverse topography: in the south, it’s the desolation of the Gobi Desert that transforms into the endless steppes of the central region, then to the Lakes Region in the North and rugged Sayan Mountains, and lofty Altai Mountains in the west, and the unique Great Lakes Depression. Mongolia is a complex multi-culture nation of religious tolerance, shrines, of nomadic horsemen, Dukha reindeer herders, mounted Kazakh eagle-hunting horsemen, and wandering herders of two hump camels, horses, sheep, goats, and yaks. Nomads live in soft sided circular tents called gers, much as the American Plains Indians did.  

Our customized adventures are meticulously planned, with the utmost concern for quality as well as the need for spontaneous fun! Whether you’re passionate about fishing and the outdoors, food and wine, or art and culture, you can have it all with Fly Shop Mongolia.

We keep our boat and other gear in top notch condition, all maintenance is done in regular intervals.  Our staff and crew have years of experience in fishing the beautiful Mongolian rivers and waters.

Contact us today for information on your upcoming Mongolian fishing adventure.