Day 1: Arrive Ulaanbaatar, overnight in hotel.

Day 2: Drive to Five River Lodge, Dadal Village, Hentii Province. 

Days 3-9: Fly fishing for taimen, lenok, grayling, Amur trout and pike.

Day 10: After breakfast return to UB by 4-wheel drive vehicles. Dinner at restaurant in UB.

Day 11: Depart Mongolia.


June 13 – 23

June 21 - July 1

Sep 05 - Sep 15

Sep 14 - Sep 24 

Sep 23 - Oct 3

Oct 2 - Oct 12 


The Onon River rises on the northern slope of the Khan Khentii Mountain Range and flows 808 km to join the Shilka River in the Russian Federation. For its first 445 km the Onon flows through Mongolia. The Khyarkhan, Agats, Kheriin are small and medium sized rivers, that are tributaries and flow into the Onon in the proximity of our lodge. Our five rivers abound with many fish species, including taimen, lenok, Amur trout and pike, grayling, and others.

Fishing at Onon/Balj and our other smaller local rivers offers a world class destination and experience. We offer the opportunity and choice of fish in all five rivers, making this a unique fly fishing experience in Mongolia. After arrival at our lodge, we use 4-wheel drive vehicles to access the best locations on each river. Depending on water and weather conditions and specific fishing plans and location, we can adjust to optimize your choice of rivers and locations. Each day can be a unique and interesting adventure to maximize your success. Once arriving at your riverside location, wading is typically the best option to fish. Our drivers follow the best routes and meet guides at the agreed locations.  

Each evening our guides will discuss the angler’s goals and plan with the angler’s team for the next fishing day.  All gear and flies will also be prepared in advance, respectively. Each day we will cover the best location and spots available due to varying conditions. Typically, we have a midday break for a shore lunch. Our local guides are the finest, who have intimate knowledge of the rivers and have fished for many years and know where and how to fish. Fishing for taimen is fly fishing, catch-and-release only, and considered “the ultimate challenge” for international anglers in fresh water.

The species of fish available is headed by taimen which are the dominant apex predator. You can expect several opportunities for taimen each day. However, there are many other species available including: the beautiful lenok and Amur trout, grayling, and Amur pike. Some of these species are rare and unique but exist in great numbers in the limited range and habitat. You can catch many of them each day.


Our Five River Lodge is located in the Dadal Village, Khentii province, which is the last village close to the Russian border. The area is best known as the birthplace, and likely final resting place, of Temujin, who is known as Genghis Khan. 

There are two types of accommodations in our lodge which are Mongolian traditional gers and wooden framed cabins that have 4 and 2 beds respectively. Gers and wood frame houses are extremely comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, and environmentally and socially appropriate for the Mongolian countryside. 

Each sleeping facility has tables, chairs, and comfortable beds with wood burning stoves. The main lodge has a large dining room where anglers can relax as a group after a challenging day on the river. Every evening our camp staff will build an open fire where the anglers can gather around to discuss the adventures of the day. In traditional Mongolian fashion, we serve local alcohol to close a successful day. Our restrooms and showers are private, which also includes a hot sauna. Our site has central electricity so that recharging all electronic equipment is not a problem for the next day. Our lodge cooks and staff are best local professionals and all meals are designed for western tastes, with plenty of breakfasts, packed or hot lunches and multi-course dinners with local vegetable and deserts.

If you are interested in joining one of these amazing adventurous trips, please contact us. We are more than happy to send additional information or to set up a time to call and talk.