Day 1:  Arrive Ulaanbaatar, overnight in hotel.

Day 2:  Flight to Moron, Huvsgul Province.  4-wheel drive to Tsagaan village and overnight.

Days 3:  4-wheel drive and jet boat to the mobile tent camp and fish.

Day 4-9: Fly fish for taimen, lenok, grayling.

Day 10:  Depart the camp and return to Tsagaan Nuur and 4-wheel drive to Moron.

Day 11: Return flight to UB. Overnight in hotel. Dinner at restaurant in UB.

Day 12:  Depart Mongolia.


June 13 - 24 

June 20 - July 1

Aug 23 - Sep 3

Aug 30 - Sep 10 

Sep 6 - Sep 17 

Sep13 - Sep 24


Fishing theTengis and Shishged Rivers is the ultimate fisherman’s challenge and one of the finest and most prestigious fishing destinations on Earth. The rivers are 1250 km away from Ulaanbaatar City and known as the most remote and difficult places to access for fishing. The Tengis/Shishged watershed is located in the western part of "East Taiga", the northern extension of the beautiful Darkhad Valley. The Shishged River originates as the outflow from Tsagaan Nuur Lake in the northernmost area of Mongolia.  The Tengis River is a major tributary of the Shishged and beyond its confluence becomes an exciting and vibrant river with fast, clear running currents and deep pools. This is a perfect ecosystem for taimen to thrive.

Both rivers offer pristine habitat for taimen. Their remoteness has protected them. Taimen are the largest member of the Salmonidae family and grow to incredible sizes: almost seven feet in length and over two hundred pounds. Taimen are the apex predator wherever they swim and known as ''River Wolf''. They are extremely aggressive and fierce warriors. They are fiercely territorial and attack almost anything that enters their domain. They are noted for attacking surface flies and then putting on a ferocious battle laced with many thrilling jumps in their freedom quest. Their menu includes your typical Montana dry fly selection to large mice, lemming, muskrat patterns, and huge streamers down. Taimen are known to even take beaver from the surface and, incredibly, in waters where they cohabit with king salmon, will attack and eat them. This area is the most strictly “Protected Area” in Mongolia and part of The Tengis Shishged National Park. The number of anglers permitted to fish here is strictly limited each year with strict restrictions including fly fishing only, catch and release, barbless hooks, etc. All anglers are required to pay a Conservation Fee and also obtain a Fishing License. Funds from these sources will be used to maintain the fishery, starting in 2019.  

This is one of the most adventurous expedition in Mongolia. Fly Shop Mongolia anglers will be travelling to very remote and isolated areas of both rivers. Anglers must be in very good physical condition to participate in this expedition. 

The Fly Shop Mongolia operates inflatable jet boats to access remote areas. The boats are very robust and powerful to overcome the sometimes challenging currents and rapids of these untouched rivers. All anglers will be transported to the rivers’ most productive fishing spots by boat where wading is the best option to fish.

Each evening our guides will be discussing each angler’s goals and wishes and making plans for next day’s fishing. Additionally, we will prepare in advance all the gear and flies respectively. Every day we will try to rotate anglers to cover the best spots with typically a midday break for a shore lunch. Our guides are unquestionably the finest, most knowledgeable, local guides, who have years of intimate knowledge of both rivers and know where and how to fish. The fishing is restricted to fly fishing and catch-and-release and we strongly feel it is the “ultimate fly fishing challenge” for international anglers in freshwater anywhere on earth. You can expect several opportunities to hook a taimen each day, but please remember these fish are rare, long lived, large, and a true challenge to land with their inspired resistance. Patience and persistence are important in this game. Lenok, the most ancient trout species, are also available – and in numbers. These beautiful trout look similar to brown trout but have never seen a fly and are not wary. They can get very large and we have many record-size lenok in our wonderful rivers. Golden-tail grayling are very abundant and serve as a food base for taimen and lenok. They are a delight on surface flies and aerial warriors. Virtually any fly in your box, up or down, will take these battlers and some of them weigh in at several pounds..


Our mobile tent camp site offers a bit of luxury in a far removed, remote setting. We follow “No Trace” expedition concept as an innovative project of environmentally friendly fishing, which is also supported by national park guards and local government officials. Simply put: Leave the wild places you visit the way you would like to find them. We dismantle our camp after each fishing season. Our mobile camp has very convenient and spacious tents suited for local conditions and each tent has tables, chairs, and 2 beds with small wood-burning stoves. Our camp features a large dining tent where anglers can relax as a group after a challenging day on the rivers. Every evening, our camp staff prepares a large, open fire with chairs placed around it. There we typically discuss the fishing stories of the day. We serve local alcohol for those who are interested to celebrate and close each rewarding day. The restrooms and showers are set up on the same principle: outdoor, ecofriendly, and located separately. The tent camp has also mobile power generators to recharge all electronic equipment for next day. Our camp cooks and staff are best local professionals and all meals are designed for western tastes, with a variety of breakfast choices, packed or hot lunches, and multi-course dinners with local vegetable and desserts. In case of emergency, we have satellite communication devices at the camp.

If you are interested in joining one of these amazing adventurous trips, please contact us. We are more than happy to send additional information or to set up a time to call and talk.