Rates 2019:

Tengis/ Shishged Expedition: USD $6,450 per person + USD $500 Conservation Fee

Five River Expedition:  USD$ 3,450 per person + USD $500 Conservation Fee

Eg River Expedition:  USD $3,450 per person + USD $500 Conservation Fee

Inclusions/ Exclusions

All guests enjoy double hotel accommodations in UB. Two anglers share accommodations at the river.  

Price includes two nights hotel in UB, airport transfers, and transportation to/from the river, guide services, and all meals, lodging, soft drinks, and local Mongolian vodka at camp. 

Price does not include fishing license, international airfare, meals and drinks while in UB, and gratuities.  

Fishing group capacity

Our trips cover up to 6 anglers maximum in each group. This is to provide exclusivity to our guests.


Send an email to telling us about the trip or trips that you are interested in. Include your contact and mailing information along with all relevant trip information. We will email you a complete information packet and will follow up with a phone call to get things rolling.


We request a 50% deposit per angler of the total package cost for each trip in due to within 10 days of booking to secure the reservation. This is non-refundable advance payment to hold your reservation and payment in full at least 120 days prior to departure. Payments by wire transfer or credit card.

Catch and Release

Mongolian Law requires catch and release fishing using single, barbless hooks. 

Travel and Visas

Ulaanbaatar (ULN) is served by regularly scheduled flights from many European and Asian hubs, including Berlin, Istanbul, Moscow, Seoul, Beijing, Hong Kong and Tokyo. Most international visitors, including persons from the USA and EU countries, do not currently need a visa prior to arrival in Mongolia. We will request a scanned copy of your passport at the time of booking and we can facilitate any necessary visa process.  

Packing and Planning

Fly Shop Mongolia will provide guests with a comprehensive packing list prior to departure. Guests are responsible for bringing their own rods, waders, and other fishing gear and flies. Fly Shop Mongolia is the first and only fly shop in Mongolia. If travel schedules allow, we offer a trip to our fly shop upon arrival to acquire any last-minute gear or flies. If necessary, Fly Shop Mongolia can provide rods and reels to anglers upon request. 

Fishing Permits

Mongolian law requires that every angler obtain a variety of fishing permits, including a specific national permit for taimen. Each province requires a separate fishing license and Conservation Fee. Our three lodges are all located in different provinces, so if more than one is fished, there are duplicate or triplicate licenses and Conservation Fees required. Only a handful of registered outfitters can legally obtain taimen permits. Each permit costs approximately USD $400. This may change with time, subject to Mongolian Central and Local Government decisions. Beyond fishing permits, one must also obtain permission from national, state, local governments, protected areas, and even border authorities. If you choose another outfitter, please be certain that you are fishing legally.


In Mongolia, the climate is strongly continental, with long and frigid winters, and short and warm summers: the temperature range between winter and summer is definitely wide. Precipitation is scarce and is concentrated in summer when the country is partly affected by the Asian monsoon; in winter, when a thermal high-pressure system dominates, the sky is often clear and a beautiful blue. Precipitation is more abundant in the north, where it exceeds 300 millimeters (12 inches) per year, while in the south, which is desert, it drops below 200 mm (8 in) per year. 

The climate in Mongolia is often unpredictable, so from year to year there may be significant variations in temperature and precipitation. 

The weather in fishing season is generally dry but can change quickly with local thunderstorms. There might be rain or even snow, but it’s far more likely that September days will be sunny and warm (60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit, or 15 to 20 C).

Travel Safely

Please note that the Mongolian people are strong and proud people with a culture steeped in tolerance to those different from themselves. They are friendly to westerners and the nomads are willing to share what little they have. This is a safe country to travel in. We are especially respectful of hosting families. The nomads offer rides on camels, horses, and reindeer, often to observe beautiful scenery or locate rare members of specific cultures. Historical edifices and museums are also readily available.


A 50% deposit is required 10 days after a reservation is committed to. All reservations booked online with a credit cards are subject to additional financing charges. Final payments are due 120 days from your departure date. All trips scheduled less than 60 days from the departure date require full payment upon placement of the reservation. 

For all Fly Shop Mongolia (FSM) travel adventures, any deposits and or final payments are non-refundable unless a replacement angler is found and booked. Either the client or FSM can a replacement guest. All deposit and or final payment trip funds can be transferred to any replacement guest scheduled for that same trip. FSM reserves the right to charge a $100 processing fee for all itinerary changes.

FSM can not be held responsible for any loss of fishing days due to conditions not under their control, like: canceled, late or missed flights, bad weather, injuries or sickness,or any other delays, for any other reason.  FSM reserves the right to change the planned itinerary if conditions dictate, or upon client request to add or subtract a scheduled travel feature, when necessary or requested and add any additional cost to passed on and evenly shared by group members.  Please remember that any extra costs incurred by delays or unforeseen or unplanned events beyond FSM's control are the responsibility of the guests.  Any lost luggage, equipment, clothing, fishing gear, camera's, etc. or any other items are the responsibility of the guest and not FSM. However FSM will aid in the recovery of any such lost items as best we can..  

Upon receipt of the Final Payment by the guest it is agreed that the guest is familiar with and accepts all the conditions and disclaimer policies put forth by FSM.