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Tengis Shishghed Expedition

Mongolia Khuvsgul Province




Mongolia is one of world’s greatest fishing destinations. What we at Fly Shop Mongolia offer is unique even for Mongolia. We have three beautiful wood-framed Lodges strategically located at the finest locations on our native country’s most desirable taimen rivers. Taimen are the largest member of the Salmonidae Family of trout, salmon, and char. We feel they present fly fishing’s greatest challenge in freshwater. These magnificent, and giant trout, are the apex predator wherever they swim. They can reach lengths approaching seven feet, and dominate all other river inhabitants. They love to attack anything on top of the water from a dry fly to a mouse or waterfowl to a muskrat and are even known to have eaten beaver. They are piscivorous and will viciously attack any fish species, including their own progeny, and even kill adult King salmon where there ranges overlap. Our three lodges and remote tent camp are strategically located on pristine rivers that produce the highest taimen catch rate in Mongolia, especially for trophy-size specimens. Our facilities and equipment are the finest in Mongolia. Our extremely durable, inflatable jet-powered boats enable us to access waters that no others can. Taimen require cold, clear, pure, fast running water, and we at Fly Shop are active participants in research programs and conservation funds to study these great but threatened fish and to insure the protection of their habitat. We work with national, provincial, and local authorities to establish conservative catch and release practices with local nomad support. We strive to work with and get the assistance of members of Mongolia’s diverse and unique cultures. This includes: nomads, horsemen, reindeer people, border guards, herders, etc. Fly Shop Mongolia can customize multi-faceted fly fishing, cultural trips intermixed with an incredible array of native activities from camel rides, sightseeing, museum trips, horseback rides from our remote Tsagaan Nur Lodge to interact with the last of the Dukha reindeer people, etc.

Fly Shop Mongolia is the full-service provider specializing in fishing adventures in Mongolia. We regularly provide guided and customized fishing expeditions for taimen, lenok, grayling, Amur trout and pike, and other species. For remote and difficult to access destinations, we operate mobile fishing camps in the finest, most beautiful, fishing locations in Mongolia. We have expert teams to locate and set up sophisticated tent camp operations with most of the conveniences at home including a professional chef. We also operate the only fly shop in Mongolia for prestigious fly fishing gear brands: Simms, Sage, RIO, Redington and many others with official and exclusive distributor rights. We, as a fully dedicated team, guarantee our best efforts to insure your fishing journey is extraordinarily enjoyable and the unforgettable adventure of your life. We have made every effort to offer this adventure at the most affordable rates possible. As native Mongolians and guides, we have unsurpassed knowledge of our lands and its fisheries. Please know that above all, we are dedicated guardians of our riverine habitat and work hard to promote sustainable fishing and conservation. We integrate our fly fishing programs with local communities and organizations to protect our pristine rivers and rare fish species.

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Fish & Rivers

The fishing season in Mongolia legally opens on June 15th and closes November 1. The June opener coincides with the post-spawning period and typically after ice out in much of our land. This is when fish are ravenous and begin feeding aggressively. We normally take a break from taimen fishing in late July as often the rivers swell. The fish are still present but it is more difficult to access and catch them in high water conditions. Of course, rain can happen anytime. Although our lodges are all situated in semi-arid regions, occasional storms including some in summer can muddy our rivers. Autumn comes early to this part of Mongolia. Mongolia’s fall fishing season starts in August and runs through September. This is generally considered to be Mongolia’s prime fishing season. Although perfect weather and water conditions are never guaranteed, the skies are normally bright and sunny with crystal clear water conditions. By September, nights have hard frosts. You might experience a snow flurry, bright sunny “short sleeve” weather, or both in the same day. The weather might be chilly, but Mongolia’s fall colors are beautiful, the ger fires are warm, and the fishing can be epic. Read More



Our mission is to provide the unquestionably finest fishing excursion experience available in Mongolia. It is paramount to our planning to protect and conserve Mongolia’s rich natural resources and unique cultural heritage. We are totally dedicated to innovating a variety of conservation approaches designed to maintain the ecological integrity of our watershed habitat upon which taimen depend. In Mongolia, our partners include an international alliance of NGOs, government agencies, communities and private businesses. All of these entities are interested in the survival of Mongolia’s emblematic species and watershed conservation and protection. Below are some our key conservation activities summarized: Read More


The Fly Shop

Our fly shop was established in 2013 and has been serving fly fisher’s needs since then. Our shop was the first and only fly shop in Mongolia, and located in our capital Ulaanbaatar. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, our shop is packed with everything you need to be successful in your next adventure. Our staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and we are ready to help you six days a week! We are proud of our efforts to introduce conservation-minded fly fishing practices including casting, fly tying, catch and release, the use of single barbless hooks, and habitat protection. Read More

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