Every year Government of Mongolia determines how many licenses are permitted to fish. Approximately 500 licenses are granted every year. For fishing all international anglers must obtain permits to legally fish in Mongolia. 

The permits are issued by the national government. The Ministry of Environment’s logo will appear on the permit. The permit will state the valid fishing dates and location. Your name will appear on the permit. Each fishing license including costs approximately USD$ 400.  

Private persons cannot purchase fishing permits directly. All such permits are allocated to a handful of government-endorsed outfitters, which are also committing themselves to protect rivers and fish. International anglers are required to book with an endorsed outfitter. The outfitter then secures the taimen permit on behalf of the angler.

There are also many unknown companies and individuals advertising a low-cost trips, you can almost be certain you will be fishing illegally. A foreign angler caught without proper permits faces fines, immediate confiscation of all fishing equipment, expulsion and fines.