Team Boyd visited incredible Mongolia for three weeks in late August through mid-September 2018 with the wonderful people of Fly Shop Mongolia. Tom and Jeff Boyd have been privileged to have traveled the world’s premiere destinations for many decades and this was perhaps our most memorable trip. We chose Mongolia upon the strong recommendation of close friend and outfitter Jim Newman of TripleDare who had previously traveled to Mongolia and considered it one of, if not his greatest, adventure. We chose an amazingly diverse approach traveling through Mongolia overland via 4-wheel drive vehicles. We traveled over 1200 miles across the steppes where often there were no roads. This was an exciting adventure in its own right and an unbelievably wonderful experience in meeting the incredibly diverse cultures of the friendly Mongolian people and nomads.

Our primary goal was to fish and we were honored to do so for the endangered taimen trout and other native species in national park settings and in arguably the most beautiful valley, the Darkhad Valley, and Sayan Mountains in northern Mongolia. In addition to rare taimen, we caught many lenok and golden-tailed grayling - all three are members of the trout/salmon family. In fact, the taimen are the largest trout reaching 6’11” and 231 lbs. and the lenok are the most ancient trout species and look similar to brown trout.

Most of our travels were amazing over the endless steppes where few if any had ever traveled before. From the tiny Tsagaan Village, in Mongolia’s Lakes Region, we ventured close to the Siberian border and were even given an armed guard with an AK 47 who protected and befriended us. We were fortunate to be among the few who had ever fished the magnificent Tengis-Shishged National Park. This Protected Area is remote, pristine, and extremely difficult to access, but arguably has the best taimen fishing anywhere. Our Fly Shop Mongolia hosts and guides are native Mongolians and know the best fishing areas in this large and intriguing country. We were welcomed by all the nomadic people we encountered and we felt very safe traveling here. The Mongolian nomads invited us into their homes. They are poor but proud and generously shared all they had with us.

Team Boyd (Tom, Jeff, KK, and Julia Boyd and Mike Marshall) fish and conduct research in some of the world’s greatest fisheries. Our Mongolia trip exceeded all our expectations and incorporated fascinating adventure with cultural, historic, scenic, and unparalleled fishing.

We are planning to return in 2019 to explore new areas where Fly Shop Mongolia has lodges (Eg and Onon/Balj Rivers). Mongolia has the world’s lowest population density per/sq. mi. and is fascinating, beautiful, and challenging. We plan to help Fly Shop Mongolia in forming a “Save The Taimen Fund” to conduct basic research and work with Mongolian Conservation authorities, Border Guards, members of Mongolia’s Government, and Tourism Agencies, in hopes of protecting the endangered taimen. If you are interested in joining Team Boyd in 2019, contact Tom Boyd at or Other than fishing, we will be doing research, writing articles, and books, gathering photos and videos for various media outlets. Hopefully, the following posted photos will give you a window into the Mongolian culture, beautiful views, nomads, and fishing. All of our guides from Fly Shop Mongolia were absolutely wonderful.
— Respectfully submitted by Tom and Jeff Boyd and the entire Team Boyd.